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The Flute Flag Swab is based on the proven technology used in the Piccolo Flag Swabs. This new design will make swabbing your flute a quick and easy job.  Some people may be tempted to never bother taking their instruments apart again.

The latest generation of Flute Flag Swabs now comes in a take-down version that enables it to be carried easily in one's gig bag or case.  This version is 28" assembled and can very effectively remove the condensation from the flute bore all of the way up to and including the cork face. This can be done without taking the flute apart.

The handle rods for Take-Down Flute Flag Swabs are made of solid plastic rods which may bend, but will not break.  Although the picture included here shows white for the handle, I now use only Gray color rods to make all of my Take-Down Flute Flag Swabs.  Black color rods are used for Fixed Length Flute Flag Swabs.

The short handled version is 14" in length and is intended to clean a disassembled flute much like the conventional flute swab of yesterday.

The take down swab version can also be used unassembled as a short handled swab to wipe the bore of a disassembled flute.  This feature makes it a two in one sort of multi function tool.

The fabric COLORS available are similar but not necessarily the same as those found on the Piccolo Flag Swab description/information home page.  The Piccolo Flag Swab page link is located at the bottom of this page.

All of these Flag swabs can and should be hand washed (the fabric portion only) in a gentle liquid dish washing detergent solution (make certain that suds show throughout the fabric), rinsed and then air dried.  The swabs are most effective when they are clean.  If your swab fails to properly absorb water, then it does need washing, even if it is new.  Washing the fabric of a new swab helps activate the absorbency of the fabric.  These swabs should not be stored in temperatures higher than 120 Degrees F.  The take-down swab handles should not be exposed to excessive lateral forces, i.e., bending. 

Flute Flag Instrument Swab Pricing Retail Price Each    
Shipping Fee*  
California Sales Tax  7.75%  (California residents only)
Short Fixed 14" Length Flute Flag Swab     $30  
$5     $2.33 each swab

Full Length 28" Take-Down Flute Flag Swab     
$5     $3.88 each swab

8" Handle Extension for (straight head) Alto Flute Use
This extension is used in conjunction with the Take-Down Flag Swab  
$5   $1.16 each extension
Conical Bore Flute Flag Swab, Take-Down 
Limited Availability, Made to Order  26" - 27" average
These swabs will continue to use black
carbon fiber and look like the Take-Down Piccolo
Flag Swabs.
  $3.88 each swab

    *The Shipping Fee is a fixed, one time event for each order, no matter how many swabs are ordered.

My address and ordering information can be found on the Piccolo Flag Home Page, see below.
Please make checks payable to    Roger Holman.

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