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My teachers story in Vietnam.

My teachers story in Germany.

Books by Rudolph Petri(DR. ANURUDDHA):

Thus spoke the Buddha and his disciples. Vung Tau Vietnam 1971

Fundamentals of Jainism: Religion of Nonviolence. From Indian sources. Bodhisattva Csoma Institute Buddhology Vung Tau Vietnam 1972

La Vojo al Nirvano. Vung Tau Vietnam 1973

R.P. Anuruddha: An Introduction into Lamaism: The Mystical Buddhism of Tibet. First issue: Vishveshvaranand Vedic Research Institute 1959th Reprint: Literary Licensing, 2011, ISBN 978-1-258-00092-9.

Rudolf Petri was born on 27, May 1915 in Bonn Germany and Died 7, November 1980 in Noumea, New Kaledonia.

Rudolf Petri published his books under various names, including TT Anuruddha, R.P. Anuruddha and Dorje Gyaltsen Bhikshu.

Source: de.wikipedia.org

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